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Welcome to Bristol Loft Conversions

Bristol Loft Conversions specialise in creating professional drawings for our private clients.
Extensions or conversions can add significant value to your home. Bristol Loft Conversions will talk through your ideas and desires for your new home, provide guidance and bring our valuable experience to produce your designs and drawings.
......... Bristol Loft Conversions take your ideas all the way through to Planning Permission and Building Regulation Submissions.
Bristol Loft Conversions have many years' experience in the South West and Wales area. Bristol Loft Conversions is a family business and focus on helping local people realise their dreams for a larger home or a sound investment.

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Your Home - Your Choice

At Bristol Loft Conversions, Bristol Loft Conversions feel the most important aspect of having an extension, conversion or new build is choice ...

  • How big can our rooms be ?
  • Can Bristol Loft Conversions fit in an en-suite or is there space for storage?
  • Which suits our needs, one large room or two smaller rooms ?
  • What will our extension look like ?
  • What other ways exist to extend our home ?

There are many questions that our clients ask us...

We, at Bristol Loft Conversions, have always found that talking through some of these ideas leads to the best design for you and your family, for resale value or for all the many other reasons that exist to make changes to your home.

The point to always remember....Bristol Loft Conversions can advise and make suggestions, but the great part is that the choice is always yours !

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Our Proven Skills

Bristol Loft Conversions have experience in many areas:

  • Loft conversion
  • Additional rooms over your existing garage
  • 2 storey extension
  • Garage conversion into living space
  • New home build

Our services cover all aspects of your home extension design:

  • Architectural design
  •  Structural engineering
  • Approaching and selecting reputable and reliable builders
  • On-going advice as the build progresses

Bristol Loft Conversions are able to draw upon a wealth of experience of designing home extensions. Bristol Loft Conversions have a thorough understanding of the limitations and scope of the Planning rules and the detailed knowledge of the Building Regulations.
This takes all of the stress away from you and gets you to the result that you want.

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‘See’ your Designs

Bristol Loft Conversions can show you various design options and only when you are completely content that you have made the best choices, do Bristol Loft Conversions then proceed with detailed drawings and plans.

Bristol Loft Conversions use the latest computer-aided design systems, so you can ‘see your new home in 3D’ and make any changes or additions, or change your mind completely after realising the potential for your home.

You can even ‘walk-through’ your new home before any  building work begins !

If you require any changes to be made, it does not mean Bristol Loft Conversions have to "go back to the drawing board" ! Bristol Loft Conversions can change the design on our computers and show you the result....

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Our Approach

Initial meeting to Gather your requirements and ideas


Initial 3D Design within 2 weeks of initial visit/survey


Produce Full Detailed Building Plans for Existing Building and Proposed Building, Floor Plans, Elevations, Site/Location Plans, Construction Notes


Planning Permission & Building Regulations Submission


Obtain Quotations from Reputable and
Experienced Builders


Your new home is created
by your chosen builder

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Next Step

Having an extension or conversion can be a rather daunting process … Bristol Loft Conversions take all of the jargon and the difficult processes of obtaining Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval and translate them for you. 

Bristol Loft Conversions will achieve the results that you want within the stringent rules and regulations that exist. These rules are governed by your Local Authority.

In the first instance, call Bristol Loft Conversions to discuss your ideas.  Usually a short visit to your home will enable you to explain your thoughts to us.

Together, Bristol Loft Conversions will come up with some great ideas.

There will be no obligation to progress any further, the choice to proceed will, of course, be yours.

Feel free to contact us today to see how you can improve your home and make the best investment that money can buy.

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Contact Information

Contact Name Simon Thomas BEng (Hons)
Telephone 0795 6677 681

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Further Information

Planning Permission
This is usually required if you intend to alter your home in any way such as an extension, loft conversion, changing the use of a building (from a house to a shop, for example) or dividing part of your house for use as a separate dwelling (two storey home into separate flats). Planning permission is also required in many other situations so it is well worth contacting us to discuss your ideas and plans and for us to advise accordingly. Even a simple case of adding a driveway to your home may, in some cases, require planning permission.

There are also other permissions that are required the most common being for Listed Buildings, proposals in Conservation areas, sites with Tree Preservation Orders (TPO's) and Party Wall Agreements. A Party Wall agreement will be very important when you wish to build onto an existing wall shared between yourselves and your neighbour, or create any structure that comes into contact with a shared wall, even if you do not alter the shared wall.

Building Regulations

Once you have planning permission approval, the next stage will be to get building regulation approval.  Whereas planning permission approval ensures that the building does not break any laws,  fits in with the local environments and is not affectively a blot on the landscape , the focus is then turned to the manner in which you construct the building. For example you may be granted planning Permission but the building is constructed very badly with poor workmanship which could be unsafe for its inhabitants.  Building Regulations exists to ensure that any work follows a strict and thorough set of rules.  These rules vary from the type of insulation to be used in a building, and its resistance to heat loss, to the location of stairs, direction of door opening in proximity to stairs and many other energy-saving and safety conscious issues.

In summary, Building Regulations exist to protect you and future users of the building.

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